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Grower Survey

This Survey is designed to capture growers response to questions around contracts, market imbalance and the perception of where the power lies in the poultry meat industry. To protect data integrity, this survey can only be completed once by each user, so please ensure you have answered all the questions as fully as possible before submitting. This survey is being conducted by NSW Farmers’ Association as part of a project being delivered by the National Farmers’ Federation in response to the ACCC Perishable Agricultural Goods Inquiry. The project is being funded by the Australian Government. More information about the Inquiry can be found here.
Please note that the information gathered herein is only used by the author to inform the Poultry Meat Market Transparency Project, and can in no way link the respondent back to a processor, either in an individual, or an aggregated format. For a copy of the relevant privacy policies, please click here and here

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* 1. In which State/Territory is your business based

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* 2. Please describe briefly the relationship between your business and suppliers in the poultry meat industry.

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* 3. How would you describe the relationship between you and your relevant processor? Move the slider to indicate your response.

Negative Relationship Neither Positive or Negative Positive Relationship
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 4. Is there an alternative processor to your current processor available in your region?

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