A group of neuropsychologists from ten countries has come together to undertake a study on the state of professional practices in the field of neuropsychology. This group has implemented an international survey gathering information on academic and clinical practices, as well as professional activities of neuropsychologists around the world. At least 4500 professionals from 40 countries have already completed this survey. We are asking you to participate in this study to best represent how neuropsychological services are offered in Canada. If you are a psychologist trained in neuropsychology or if you have worked in the field of neuropsychology (assessment, intervention, etc.) within the last year, we kindly ask you to participate in this online survey. An ethics committee has approved this study, and participation is anonymous.

To obtain an overview of the state of neuropsychology in Canada and around the world.

Nature of participation
Participation in this project requires that you answer an online questionnaire (20 minutes) about your practice in the field of
neuropsychology (academic and clinical training, professional activities, employment status, workplace, type of patient, experience, level of satisfaction, tests used, etc.).

You will derive no direct personal benefit from this research project, but your participation will contribute to the development of your profession.

Risks and disadvantages
There is no known risks or disadvantages related to the participation in this research project.

You will not receive any compensation.

The data collected are anonymous. You do not have to provide any information to identify yourself. If you wish, you can provide your email in order to receive information about the results of the project. Only the principal investigators will have access to your email.Your email address will not be shared and will only be used to inform you about the project results. The data will be kept for 7 years and then destroyed.

Voluntary Participation and Withdrawal
Your participation in this project is completely voluntary. This means that you agree to participate in the project without any constraint or external pressure. It also means that you are free to terminate your participation at any time (you simply stop completing the questionnaire), without prejudice of any kind, and you do not have to provide justification. In this case, your data will be automatically destroyed. As the data collection is anonymous, it is not possible to withdraw after you have completed the questionnaire.

By agreeing to participate in this project, you do not waive any of your rights or release the researchers, the sponsor (s) or the
institution involved (or the institutions involved) from their civil and professional obligations.

You can contact the main investigator at (514) 896-3172 for additional questions about the project. The Institutional Committee on Ethics for Research Involving Humans (CIEREH) has approved this project and is monitoring it. For any information you can contact the coordinator of the Committee at (514) 987-3000 ext. 7753 or by email at: If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in this research project or if you have any complaints, you can contact the Office of the Ombudsman at UQAM (email: or 514-987-3151).
Participant's Consent
I hereby acknowledge that I have read this information and consent form. I understand the objectives of the project and what my involvement entails. I confirm that I have had time to reflect on my decision to participate. I have had the opportunity to contact the main investigator (or his / her delegate) to ask any questions regarding my participation.  Any questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I understand that I can withdraw from the project at any time without penalty. I voluntarily agree to participate in this research project.