Atlas Network is excited to partner with a local organization for its Regional Liberty Forums in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. These forums serve to provide networking, training and award opportunities to think tanks and other partner organizations in our network. Local host organizations will not be primarily responsible for planning and executing the event, but will receive prominent billing at the event and on marketing materials and will participate actively in shaping the program for the event.

Please note that many factors influence both where and with whom we partner to host a Regional Liberty Forum and that some of those critical factors are NOT a reflection on the local host candidate or your application quality. At the same time, we will favor strong partners who are prepared to help us ensure a very successful Regional Liberty Forum.

The purpose of this application is to help us identify potential sites and host partners and to give interested parties a sense of the commitments and opportunities associated with this partnership. Please contact us with any questions as you consider whether or not to apply to be a local host. Rest assured your application is NOT a binding contract to serve as a local host. We will contact you to further explore and potentially finalize a local host partnership with a partnership agreement.

To apply for this opportunity, please fill out the application below.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

* 1. This opportunity is only available to Atlas Network partners. Is your organization an Atlas Network partner? Visit our global directory to check whether your organization is listed. If you answer "No" to this question, instead of continuing with this application, please fill our New Partner Application in our Applications Portal.

* 2. Organization's name:

* 3. Name of main point of contact:

* 4. Point of contact email:

* 5. In What City would you recommend hosting the Regional Liberty Forum?

* 6. What date(s) would you recommend for the event? Are there advantageous reasons for this timing? What date(s)/date window(s) would you recommend avoiding?

* 7. In your recommended city/location, will there be any other events, points of interest or other opportunities during the date(s) you've recommended that would be of interest to attendees?

* 8. As a local host organization, you would not be responsible for any of the core event costs. However, we encourage local partners to raise local support to contribute to the forum so that the forum can accommodate additional and/or locally relevant programming that attracts local audiences and further raises the profile of the local host. Do you intend to raise local support if your organization serves as the local host? If so, how much do you think you could raise and what strategic programming would you recommend to increase the value of the event for your organization and local audiences?

* 9. We hope to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship at the liberty forum, and would like to consider inviting a keynote speaker from the business community who can speak to the importance of this theme. If you have any initial ideas on potential speakers, please let us know!

* 10. Tell us more about why you think we should host a Regional Liberty Forum in your city/location!

* 11. Optional: please upload any backup material and/or attachments you wish to provide.

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