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The Town of Nanton wishes to redesign the remaining area of its ‘Westview’ Neighbourhood into an adopted Area Structure Plan (ASP). This plan will provide guidance and direction for future land uses and development proposals.

The 2003 Westview Conceptual Design Brief envisioned the Town of Nanton developing a seven-phase subdivision, emphasizing single detached parcels, a centralized green space area, key transportation linkages, and a large water feature/stormwater drainage pond. Three phases of the conceptualized development have been completed, with approximately 200 single detached residential lots, apartment, duplex and manufactured homes areas, and park and pathway amenities.  However, the re-planning of the remaining lands within an ASP, as well as some additional adjacent parcels, will provide the Town additional flexibility in terms of its ability to subdivide and sell large parcels of land to other interested private developers, while reserving areas it may require for infrastructure and recreation needs. It will also assist other affected landowners in the area to envision how their land may fit into this future development framework.

In keeping with the current planning documents such as the Municipal Development Plan, and the Lancaster Landing Area Structure Plan, the Town is seeking feedback from its residents on the future of land development in Nanton, and in particular in the ‘West Neighbourhood’ area on this DRAFT conceptual map .  Please keep the map open in another window or tab while going through the questions.

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* 1. Historically, the Town of Nanton has developed and sold similar sized residential lots to owners and builders. These lots averaged more than the minimum 4,672 ft2/ 434m2 lot size requirement.   There have been indications that some in the community are looking for more options when it comes to lot size for subdivision.

Example from Another Community
The Town of Calmar, near Edmonton, has a very similar population and property assessment profile to Nanton.  It also has its own growing 'Westview' residential neighbourhood.  Their Land Use District Map, for comparative purposes, can be seen here.  Calmar has a diverse range of residential Land Use Districts, similar to Nanton, that additionally include Residential Country Estate (lot minimum of 680m2/7347 ft2) and Residential Small Lot (lot minimum of 124.7m2/1334.7 ft2) districts.

Is there a case for offering a greater variety of lot sizes in Nanton?

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* 2. For some years now there has been no demonstrable market demand for the subdivision and servicing new residential phases in the same manner as was previously undertaken by the Town with some success in Westview.  Approximately 20 serviced lots from the  'Phase 3' 2008 subdivision plan remain available for purchase.  Given the financial risks to the municipality of financing its own subdivisions, 'Phase 4' of the 'standard' single family dwelling bare land subdivision plan is on indefinite hold.  

To see what remains available of 'Phase 3' in Westview, take a look at this page.

The Town is keen to relax  the rigidity of the original '7 Phase' plan and instead replace it with an approach that, within reason, leaves major market, design, aesthetic and survey plan decisions with prospective developers who would have opportunities to submit proposals to the municipality for consideration prior to the land being sold. Through an area structure plan, the Town provides developers with its vision of the general neighbourhood to help shape any proposals.  This idea is reflected in the draft concept map.

Do you support the Town making large ‘flex’ parcels available to private developers for further subdivision and development in future, leaving design and phasing options open?

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* 3. Some developers may have an interest in higher density (1-2 bedroom unit) development and others could be interested in something as different as Country Estate style properties with municipal servicing.  The flex parcel concept is shown on the draft map.

If large lot ‘flex parcels’ were put on the market, there should be:

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* 4. Nanton recently undertook surveys and studies through a Business Retention and Expansion review and a subsequent housing needs assessment (Nanton Lite Needs Assessment) that identified a case for more  1-2 bedroom units in the community for the housing of employees, seniors and smaller families.

Do you support Nanton prioritizing higher density dwelling solutions with developers in order to better support local business and other community needs?

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* 5. Depending on where a person lives in Westview, they are a 10-15 minute walk (700m to 1.3km approximately) from most local stores and services in the Downtown.

While that is reasonably convenient, the typical recommended distance between assisted living/ seniors housing and services is 0.5km/ a 5 minute walk.  As a consequence, some developers will look for a service or amenity-based 'anchor' before investing in a particular location.

Some neighbourhoods, even in smaller towns,  can develop a greater sense of community through the existence of limited  'doorstep' convenience retail, dining, health services, indoor recreation or other services that rely primarily upon foot traffic from adjacent residences.  

Do you think Nanton should consider allowing some limited neighbourhood commercial or mixed use residential (commercial and residential combined) opportunities in a largely residential neighbourhood? 

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* 6. Does Nanton need:

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* 7. When the Bomber Command Museum of Canada secures enough funding to expand, the Town will lose two of its baseball diamonds.  The Town intends to provide land for their eventual replacement within an expanded recreation area in Westview, which could also include additional diamonds or soccer fields - please find this on the draft map.  It is hoped to make this part of the Nanton West Area Structure Plan as an additional building block of long term neighbourhood development that attracts families to the community.

Do you agree that such uses are suitable for this area of Nanton?

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* 8. One objective for an Area Structure Plan is to establish the likely or best locations for roads, accesses and other infrastructure in the event of development - it does not mean that anything will immediately occur as a result of the plan's adoption by Council. 

In a variety of cases in the draft map, some existing property owners may be surprised or concerned by the presence of hypothetical streets or private development areas near their properties. 

Private or municipal land that is bare, undisturbed, unfenced and un-serviced is sometimes assumed to be a protected 'greenbelt' or natural park of some description.  In most cases, this is not a correct assumption.

It is important to understand that should these lands near existing properties ever be developed or subdivided, the need for road allowances and other legal accesses and infrastructure will come with certainty. 

Property owners  with a direct adjacent interest in these undeveloped lands are encouraged to provide practical feedback that they feel best safeguards their and the neighbourhood's future interests.

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* 9. If there are any additional suggestions or concerns that you would like to share about the proposed Nanton West Area Structure Plan, please use this space.

Thank you for your time.  This survey will remain open until March 31st.  Once you submit this survey by clicking on 'Done', don't forget to take our other Land Use Bylaw survey.

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