1. Project Censored - Junk Food News of 07-08

Each year, Project Censored publishes a critique of the media's performance over the previous cycle. By filling out this survey, you can help us determine the LEAST important, most OVERPLAYED news stories to receive coverage this past year.

* 1. Please rate the following stories that clogged the airways of the mainstream news between 2007 and 2008 from "only slightly annoying" to "absolutely abusive."

Junk Food News Candidates

  Only slightly annoying Abusive use of news time N/A - Valid news story
1. Starbucks closes for 3 hours
2. Amy Winehouse drugs, fights, jury tampering
3. Steroids & Baseball Bonds/Clemens
4. Sarkozy marriage
5. Jessica Simpson
6. Lindsay Lohan DUI, rehab, relapse, nude pic
7. Owen Wilson suicide attempt
8. Nicole Richie DUIs, pregnancy, motherhood
9. Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy, paternity?
10. More Rosie O'Donnell: off The View
11. JLO has twins
12. Another year of Brittany Spears
13. Anna Nicole's baby's inheritance
14. Brad & Angelina: weightloss, pregnancy,etc.
15. O.J. Simpson's Las Vegas fiasco
16. Spygate: Patriots spy on Jets
17. Tom Cruise on Scientology
18. High School Musical Vanessa's nude photo
19. Miss Nevada USA dethroned due to slut pics
20. Prince Harry in Afganistan
21. David Beckham
22. Miss South Carolina's geography lesson
23. David Hasselhoff drunk video, back ot rehab
24. Alec Baldwin calls daughter "thoughtless little pig"
25. Paris goes to jail
26. Iphone mania