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In November 2008, you participated in a call about how to conduct a Mock Stroke Code. We are interested in learning more about your mock stroke code experience. Please take a few minutes to complete this follow up evaluation. Thanks!

1. Since the call, have you conducted a mock stroke code in your hospital?

2. When you conducted your mock stroke code, did you use the materials provided by the GLRSN not including the patient scenarios?

3. What were the strengths of the mock stroke materials?

4. What were the weaknesses of the mock stoke code materials?

5. What were the barriers when conducting your mock stroke code?

6. Would you be interested in having a nurse from another facility come to your hospital and act as a "reviewer" for your mock stroke code in the future?

7. What additional materials do you need to be able to conduct a mock stroke code?

8. What changes did you implement as a result of your internal mock stroke code?

9. Where are you located?