The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (the Commission) will give EmpowerLA Awards (“Awards”) to Neighborhood Councils (“NC’s”) based on any of the below criteria:
1. NC’s that have made remarkable achievements in fulfilling their dual mission of:
-Promoting more citizen participation in City government; and
-Making City government more responsive to local needs.
2. NC’s that embody the highest ideals of inclusiveness, non-discrimination, transparency, and independence, as detailed in the Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils.
The Commission will also use its “Neighborhood Councils Rules and Best Practices Guide” as a source of other relevant criteria, and as a tool for measuring and evaluating NC achievements.
All certified NC’s that are not in exhaustive efforts as of the date of the determination of the Awards by the Commission are eligible.
• Seven Awards will be given annually.
• One NC from each of the seven Los Angeles Planning Regions will be given an award each year.
• The Commission will solicit nominations for NC awardees from NC board members and participants, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (“the Department”) staff, and all other stakeholders from throughout the City.
• A Committee of the Commission will work with the Department to review all nominations and make recommendations to the Commission, which will make final determinations of awardees.
• The Awards will be given at the annual Citywide Congress of Neighborhood Councils.
The deadline for submission is August 31, 2012.