The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback on how the New Jersey Department of Education can improve the School Performance Reports. We want to know if and how you use these reports, what data is most important to you when you are looking at school performance, and how we can best present that data in our reports so it is easy to understand and use.

Taking the Survey

We estimate that the survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. In navigating through the survey, please use the PREV (previous) and NEXT buttons at the bottom of each survey page. Clicking the NEXT button on each page will save your responses on that page. Please DO NOT use your browser’s navigation arrows. If you exit the survey before completing it, your responses will be lost and you will need to retake the survey. Make sure to hit DONE to complete the survey. Once you hit DONE at the end of the survey, additional information cannot be added.


Survey responses will be reported in aggregate form only; your responses to survey items will not be tracked or identified individually.

Thank you very much for your participation. We appreciate your time and feedback!