We are trying to understand how different patients experience their treatment, mainly focusing on their medication regime for their cancer treatment, and the various issues around them. We are interested in knowing your personal experiences, and your challenges.

Thanks for your time and support. All this information will be treated as confidential, and all responses will be made anonymous. The information won’t be disclosed, it will only be used as inspiration for design concepts.

Please feel free to complete as much or as little as you like; the more information you can give us about each topic the better. Please use the questions as a guide, but feel free to go off topic, to type your whole experience into one question, or whatever way you feel works for you.

* 1. During your treatment, did you find it easy to follow your medication regime? What were the biggest challenges you faced?

* 2. Were there any solutions or techniques you used to follow this regime?
(E.g.: dossette boxes, blister packs, personal reminders, etc.)

* 3. Were you aware of what each of the medications you took was for, how to take each pill, and when was the best time? Would you have liked to have more information about them?

* 4. Have you ever forgot, made a mistake, or had confusion in regards to your medication? Or did you ever stop taking your medication intentionally despite your specified regime?

* 5. How was your doctor (GP) involved in this process?

* 6. How much would you say following these medications regime affected your daily life? Which aspects of your daily life were most affected by the medication regime?

* 7. Where your family members / partners involved in any way?

* 8. Was there any particular time of day, or everyday situation where you found it difficult to remember to take medication?

* 9. Can you think of any way in which to improve this process to make things better for you?