The Health Forward Foundation sponsors KC Health Matters to provide data about health determinants and outcomes in its six County service area.

Health Forward would like to hear about your experience with KC Health Matters: what are the strengths of the site, what are the weaknesses, and how it could better meet your data needs.

This brief survey allows you to share your perspective confidentially.

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* 1. How valuable is each component of to you?

  Highly Valuable Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable Don't Know/Haven't Used this Feature
Comparing local indicators to State averages and/or County values
Exploring health disparities by age, race/ethnicity, gender
Building a customized data report
Exporting data tables and/or graphs/charts
Comparing local data to Health People 2020 Targets
Obtaining demographic data by County 
Obtaining demographic data by Zip Code
Learning about identified Promising Practices
Learning about regional needs through the Resource Library
Exploring Funding Opportunities
Preparing a Community Health Needs Assessment 

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* 2. How often do you use

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* 3. How frequently do you use in each of the following circumstances:

  Often Sometimes Never
To prepare a Health Forward grant application
To prepare other grant applications
To learn more about community needs even when I am not working on a grant application
To recommend to others as a resource

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* 4. We would like to understand your perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of Tell us about your level of agreement with the following statements:

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure
It is easy to find the information I need on provides background information that helps me understand and interpret data provides most of the health data I need in a single site provides sub-County data (e.g. by city, census tract or zip code) that helps me identify and articulate local health priorities is a valuable tool for preparing grant applications is especially valuable because data is updated as new information becomes available

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* 5. Health Forward may explore modifications to Tell us how important each feature of a regional health data website is to you.

  Very Important Important Less Important Not Important Not Sure
It should be easy to find the data I need
It should be easy to export data tables and graphs
It should provide most of the health data I need in a single site
It should provide sub-County data (e.g. by city, census tract or zip code) that helps me identify and articulate local priorities
It should update data as new information becomes available

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* 6. Check the box that best describes you/your organization

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