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Healthier Places.
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Healthier Work.

Welcome to the Healthier Work gap assessment survey. This survey is designed to help businesses identify gaps in their workplace health, safety and wellbeing programs. 
Following completion, the Healthier Work team will provide useful and relevant information and advice to assist you to create a healthier work environment.
Survey tips
  • This survey will take about 30 minutes to complete and should be undertaken by someone with a broad knowledge of your workplace operations.
  • For best results we suggest doing the survey together with at least one other colleague.
  • For small size organisations this should include personnel with experience in operations and management such as the business owner, CEO or Director, or operational manager.
  • For large organisations we suggest HR and WHS Managers, heads of department and senior executives.
  • For large organisations that undertake work across diverse working environments and divisions, we suggest doing the survey for each of these sections rather than as a whole organisation for best results.
  • Remember to answer each question from a whole of organisation or division point of view rather than from an individual perspective. This survey analyses what the organisation is doing in workplace health, safety and wellbeing and not individual employee behaviours.
  • Some questions may not be applicable to your business type and structure and in each case there is the option to respond N/A. Carefully consider responding N/A and ask yourself if this is something the organisation is not required to undertake or something you actually should be doing but aren't.
  • Finally be as open and honest with your responses as possible to get the best value out of the survey and results.