Hillsboro West End Neighborhood Survey

The Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood is you. It is made up of every person who lives and works here. The Board of Directors is elected at the annual meeting and consists of your neighbors, people who give their time and energy to help make our streets and homes more safe and secure, more navigable (whether by foot or vehicle), more aesthetically pleasing, and more livable. We work to serve...

* 1. We work on all these things, but tell us what you think are the most important or areas on which we could improve. Select up to five, and/or provide feedback in the open question below.

* 2. HWEN should resist increased density

* 3. Customer-based commercial businesses should not operate out of residences

* 4. HWEN's newsletter is a useful source of neighborhood information

* 5. HWEN's website at www.hwen.org is a useful source of neighborhood information.

* 6. HWEN's listserve is a useful source for neighborhood information

* 7. HWEN's Facebook page is a useful source of neighborhood information.

* 8. I have attended HWEN's Annual Meeting in recent years

* 9. I know at least one member of the HWEN Board of Directors

* 10. What feedback can you provide on HWEN's communication tools?

* 11. How would you like to get involved in HWEN? (For example: help at fundraisers, help at social events like Dragon Parade, deliver newsletters, beautification projects) Please provide an email address or contact Tom Cash at TCash101@aol.com