1. Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire for DeKalb Surgical Associates

* 1. I saw the following physician:

* 2. I was seen at the following office(s):

* 3. Please rate each of the following about our staff:

  Excellent Very good Good Could have been better Poor Not applicable
Ease of scheduling appointment
Telephone courtesy and service
Friendliness and helpfulness of receptionists and other front office staff
Friendliness and helpfulness of nurses and other back office staff

* 4. Please share with us your experience with your surgeon:

  Excellent Very good Good Could have been better Poor
Wait time before being seen
Time spent with doctor and staff was sufficient for the problem I was here for
My questions and concerns were adequately addressed
The doctor seemed interested and concerned about me

* 5. I would recommend your practice to a family member or friend

* 6. Thank you very much for your time! If you have any comments, criticisms, suggestions, or questions, please just below: