Liturgy is the expression of our faith and as Catholic Christians and through liturgy our parish community grows in faith in Christ.  Your responses to this anonymous survey will enable the leadership of St. John the Baptist to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Responses and comments will be shared with the parish community.

Thank you.

The Liturgy Committee

* 1. How often do you attend Mass at St. John the Baptist?

* 2. Which Mass do you attend most often?


I always feel welcome and a part of the community

* 4. Our greeters make me feel welcome as I arrive.

* 5. Our weekend liturgies adequately address your spiritual needs.

* 6. The decoration and environment of the church is appropriate and seasonal.

* 7. The ushers perform the various aspects of their ministry professionally and warmly.

* 8. My comments on Hospitality and Church Environment:

* 9. MUSIC

Our music enhances the liturgy.

* 10. Our music helps me to worship.

* 11. I am familiar with most hymns and prayers and sing confidently.

* 12. Which type of music do you prefer during Mass?

* 13. Which type of music accompaniment do you prefer during Mass?

* 14. My comments on music during the Liturgy:


The lectors are well prepared and proclaim the readings in a way that is easy to understand.

* 16. The Eucharistic Ministers are reverent and the distribution of Holy Communion is done well.

* 17. The priests and deacons preside well and are helpful leading the congregation in prayer. 

* 18. The priests and deacons proclaim the Gospel so that it is understood and they preach well.

* 19. The congregation exhibits a full, active and conscious participation at the Mass. 

* 20. My comments on Other Liturgical Ministries:


I leave our liturgies inspired to live the Gospel.

* 22. Overall, I find the liturgy a fulfilling experience for me.

* 23. Please share your suggestions on ways to enhance the liturgy.


Are you a member of the parish?

* 25. If no, how would you describe yourself?

* 26. If yes, how long have you been a member of St. John the Baptist Parish?

* 27. Your age:

* 28. If you have any other comments, please feel free to share them here:

* 29. Optional: