What role does humor play in your personal and business life?*

About Wellness Weavers Event Co-hosts:  Our Zoom event co-hosts have passed one or more of these certifications:

*PFA (Psychological First Aid) from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
*MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) from the Red Cross, or
*Mental Health First Aid USA or Australia...

Helen Stucky (Risdon, RN-ret) Weaver, a founding member of Wellness Weavers, Inc also graduated from the 3-year Humor Academy in the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor in 2016.

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She loves: 
*To help people learn to be happy and find the windows of opportunity and the silver lining in tough situations.   
*Following some of the best ways of her ancestors before her, they delight in using and giving good FREE gifts. 
*Empowering people to do critical thinking by playing the Ad Busting Game
*She loves that fun improves function.
*She loves playing with diverse TEAMs, playing on purpose so Together Everyone Achieves More Success!

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