* 1. If you attended a Hidden Liverpool event, please tick each event or activity you engaged with.

* 2. What do you think has been the most successful element of Hidden Liverpool? Please write your comments below.

* 3. What, if anything, do you feel the project has achieved?

* 4. Which you think is the best future for the project.

* 5. If the project were to continue, what elements should still be included? Tick as many as you feel are applicable.

* 6. Please identify your age group below to help us understand who benefits from this project

* 7. Who do you think should benefit from this project? E.g. school pupils, college students, families, retired people etc.

* 8. Are you currently involved with Liverpool’s built environment / heritage? E.g. architect, student, campaigner. If so, please provide details.

* 9. Please add any further comments here. Include your email if you want us to