The Purpose of this Consultation

In 2015, the then Minister for Education and Skills launched a review of education and training programmes. In 2016, the results of a consultation survey of practitioners on the quality of their education and training was published by the Department of Education and Skills. The survey showed that practitioners identified some significant gaps in both the further and higher education programmes from which they had graduated.  Some of these gaps had resulted from the changing nature of the professional environment for practitioners, brought about by the rapid pace of policy change including the introduction of the universal pre-school programme ECCE.
In response to the initial consultation findings, the Department commissioned a review of both the occupational profiles and the national and international policy landscape in which practitioners were working.  Professor Mathias Urban and a team of researchers from Roehampton University published this research in 2017.
On foot of this, the Department established a working group to draft a set of Professional Award Criteria and Guidelines for Initial Professional Education undergraduate degree programmes in ECEC in Ireland.  The report of the working group is available here.
This Consultation seeks your views on the draft Criteria and Guidelines.  We recommend that you read the report and the relevant linked sections before completing the survey. 

Section 1A seeks your views on Programme Content.  Section 1B seeks your views on Programme Delivery and Section 1C seeks your views on wider issues around the quality of education and training.  We have also added a Section 2 on wider workforce planning so that we can receive views on future workforce composition to feed into a future workforce plan.
Your feedback will be an important contribution to the finalisation of the Criteria and Guidelines.  The consultation process is an open and transparent process and all feedback received will be analysed and published.

Please complete this feedback template by Wednesday 28th February 2018.

* 1. Which of the following best describes your role?