West Ridge Community Organization Survey

* 1. The current Northtown Library building, which was built in 1959, has architectural value and is representative of the mid-twentieth century characteristics. It has good space for reusable purposes and is in reasonably good condition.  Should we sell the building for private development?

* 2. Should we re-use the building for community functions?

* 3. Do you prefer to see this as

* 4. If we re-use the building, then what of the following options would you like to see developed for our community? Rank your choices with "1" being your first choice, "2" your second choice, etc.

* 5. What other uses which are not listed above do you suggest?

* 6. This will require a lot of work.  If you are willing to help please give us your name and some contact information, such as e-mail address and phone numbers, so we can contact you. Thank you.