PART 1- Tell us about your Parish experinece.

Would you spare a few minutes of your time? 

We would like you to share with us your feedback on your experience of any changes that have taken place in the Roman Catholic Church in Barbados.  These changes could be things you have noticed in your parish or generally in the Diocese. 

This is important because it is an opportunity to learn from you. Rest assured, all responses are anonymous.

Thank you.

* 1. In which parish in Barbados do you reside?

* 2. Which R.C. parish church do you attend most often?

* 3. Are you...

* 4. Are you a Roman Catholic?

* 5. Did you attend the Synod in 2014 at Living Water Community?

* 6. How often do you attend Mass?

* 7. What is your age?

* 8. Do you participate in any of the following church ministries? Tick each one that applies.

* 9. Are you...

* 10. How would you describe your household?