Clicking on the link to the survey signifies consent to participate in this research. Do not write your name anywhere. You may refuse to answer any questions and may terminate your participation at any time. Enclosed is a battery of questionnaires on the importance of positive attitudes in people's lives, which is part of a Mississippi State University research project. You will be asked about your health and well-being, and other aspects of your life. You will also read 8 short stories about some individual older people, and will indicate what you think they should do. If you have any questions about this study, contact Dr. Carolyn Adams-Price at 662-717-1062, or by e-mail at Participation takes 15-30 minutes. Your answers will help us learn more about the factors that make people live healthy, happy lives in middle and late adulthood. PLEASE BE PATIENT IF QUESTIONS SEEM REDUNDANT--there are statistical reasons for this.