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The internship is a leadership development pathway where aspiring and emerging leaders of all ages can grow their discipleship, stretch their leadership, explore their spirituality and live out an adventurous faith.

To find out more about the internship before applying, please click here.

Please note: in this application you will need to provide evidence that you've chatted about your involvement in the internship with a mentor, pastor, or someone who knows you well.

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* 5. Are you interested in doing the internship for credit with Tabor College?

Tabor offers the internship as two 6-credit point subjects towards a number of degrees. This will require additional reading and assessments as well as paying subject fees. If you answer yes, we will be in touch about the application process to enrol at Tabor.

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* 6. We would love to know why you're interested in doing this internship!

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* 7. We think its important to discuss decisions like applying for this internship with someone who knows you well.

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