Trinity Care Survey

Trinity is beginning the process of forming a new Care Ministry. In order to thoughtfully design this ministry, we need your help. We would like to gather some information to assess the needs and wishes of our congregation so that we can make this ministry most effective for Trinity.

We are interested in responses from Trinity members (adults and teens) and regular attenders. Please take a moment to complete. You do not need to include your name unless you want more information.

Thank you!

* 1. With which of the following areas could you or someone you know use support?

* 2. Besides providing support for people who are going through difficult times, we also want to provide information and training for people who are caring for relatives or friends. Which of the following areas would you like more information or help in caring for others?

* 3. Which of the following best describes your age?

* 4. Would you be interested in participating in Trinity's care team by visiting regularly with someone who is going through difficult times?

* 5. Do you have some expertise or life experience that you would be willing to share in one of the care ministry's programs?

* 6. OPTIONAL! Your answers to this survey are anonymous. However, if you would like more information about Trinity's care ministry or would like to volunteer to share in this ministry, you can leave your name and contact information here. You can also email us with questions or to indicate your interest at