Ensembl Genomes User Survey

We'd like to know why you use Ensembl Genomes, what data and features you use within it, what we do well or badly, and what we should be doing more of in future.  Please consider spending a few minutes to give us your feedback.  Thank you.

* 2. For which type of organisation do you work?

* 3. What best describes the nature of your work?

* 4. In which field(s) are you working?

* 5. Which of the following terms best describe your current job?

* 6. What divisions of Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes do you use?

* 7. What is your primary species of interest?

* 8. And why are you interested in that species?

* 9. What is the best description of your work?

* 10. How do you access Ensembl Genomes?

* 11. How frequently do you use Ensembl Genomes?

* 12. What do you use Ensembl Genomes for?

* 13. What is your favourite feature in Ensembl Genomes?

* 14. What additional feature would you most like to see in Ensembl Genomes?

* 15. If Ensembl Genomes had a feature allowing you to submit revised gene models or functional annotation, would you consider this:

* 16. Which of the following Ensembl Genomes Tools do you use?

* 17. Are there additional tools you would use if incorporated into Ensembl Genomes? If so, what?

* 18. Tell us something nice about our interface

* 19. And something about our interface that isn't very good

* 20. What species would you most like to see added to Ensembl Genomes?

* 21. And what additional data set? (please give us a PubMed ID or URL if you can!)

* 22. Ensembl Genomes should concentrate its efforts on...

* 23. If you'd like to leave your details so we can contact you, please do so (it's not compulsory!). In either case, thank you for completing the survey - we appreciate your feedback