March 2017

Housing Virginia needs your opinions on the state of affordable housing in Virginia. Collectively, your responses will help us gauge housing needs across the Commonwealth to guide our outreach, education, and actions. We will send this survey out annually to track challenges and measure progress.

* 1. Please select the industry in which you work.

* 3. Over the past year, do you think affordable housing has become more difficult or more easy to find in your community?

* 4. Over the past year, do you think that resources to help with housing affordability in your community have been increasing or decreasing?

* 5. How pessimistic or optimistic are you about housing affordability in your community over the next year?

* 6. How would you rate the following housing challenges in your community, from least challenging (1) to most challenging (5)?

  1 (Least challenging) 2 3 4 5 (Most challenging)
High home-ownership costs
High rental costs
Limited senior housing
Poor housing quality
"NIMBY" opposition

* 7. Please add any additional thoughts or comments about affordable housing in your community below.