Dear Heritage Student:

This is a voluntary and anonymous survey of all Heritage University students conducted by the Heritage University Office of Institutional Effectiveness at the end of every academic term.

We are not collecting any information that could allow anyone to identify you personally. The results of this survey will only be used to improve Heritage services and programs and will not be reported or used for any external research.

If you choose to provide your feedback, please respond to this survey no later than Friday, May 1st. The survey includes 56 questions (or less, depending on your answers to certain questions. We estimate it will take you approximately 25 minutes to complete. Once you begin, you may exit the survey at any time you wish. None of the questions (except the first one) require an answer and all are voluntary.

Thank you for your time!! Your input is very important to Heritage University. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments related to this survey.

Nina Oman, PhD
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
(509) 865-0446, XT 2608

* 1. Please indicate whether you have read the introduction and wish to continue.