Members' "Sharing Survey"

Please complete the survey. Understand that your responses do not commit you to anything. Whether or not, and to what degree, you follow through is totally up to you when the Members' Sharing Liaison (Rick Waters) contacts you with the name of someone putting out a request for some service or equipment need, or something else; that person does not know who is contacted with their request or need. Who has what to offer is kept confidential...

* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Call sign:

* 3. Email address:

* 4. Phone number where can you be contacted:

* 5. What onsite help can you offer? (i.e., tower climbing, antenna analysis, etc)

* 6. If you can help with radio programming, name the radio and model(s), programming cables & software, etc:

* 7. If you have radios or other equipment you might lend, name the brand(s) & model(s):

* 8. Describe anything else you can offer: