This survey will be used for academic purposes in a Masters level analysis. The aim of this survey is to target Hurlers in Ireland and abroad and determine if plastic Hurley's are the future of Hurling.

* 1. What sport do you play?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. How old are you?

* 4. Please select the answer that best describes your involvement in the club

* 5. Where is your club located?

* 6. Have you heard of a plastic Hurley? (e.g. Reynolds or Cultec Hurley's)

* 7. Where did you buy your first Hurley?

* 8. How old is your Hurley?

* 9. Please rank the most important characteristics of a Hurley

* 10. Would you use a plastic Hurley instead of Ash if it was more durable and consistent?