* 1. Who is the contact person for this event.  Please include your name, email and phone number.

* 2. What is the reason for this event? (wedding, office lunch, etc.)

* 3. List the date and location for this event (please include city and state, and if it is in a private home, rented facility, park, etc.) 

* 4. What time does it start and finish?  How early will caterers have access to the facility for set up?

* 5. How many people will be attending your event?  Please break this down by adults, children under 3, age 3-7 and 8-12.
Are there any dietary restrictions or guests that you are aware of a this time?

* 6. What service style would you like? (pick-up, delivery, staffed - appetizers (stations, passed or both), buffet, plated, etc.

* 7. Is there a kitchen at your location? Is there an oven, stove top, warming box, etc?  If there is not a kitchen, are open flames allowed in the facility, or would a remote kitchen need to be set up if we are providing hot food?

* 8. Would you like beverage service - liquor/ wine/ beer, non-alcoholic and/or coffee service.

* 9. Will you need any of the following provided: glasses, plates, linens, flatware, tables, etc?   Will you be using disposable/  or china?

* 10. What is your targeted budget per person - either per person or for the event?