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* 1. Your Full Name:

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* 2. After reading the On-Hire Worker WHS Induction Information file on our website please confirm that you understand the information contained as per the below categories. Please note, any areas you do not understand will be explained in further detail to you by our WHS Representative.

  Yes, I understand No, I need further clarification
Work Health and Safety at Work
Health and Safety Policy
Our WHS Committee
Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
Smoking Policy
Prevention of Bullying and Occupational Violence Policy
Notifying of Incidents and Return To Work Policy
Emergency Arrangements
First Aid
WHS Issue Resolution
reporting and Incident, Injury or Near Miss
Getting to Work Safely
Changes to Your Work Assignment or Work Equipment
Office Safety
Setting Up Your Work Station
Manual Tasks
Plant and Equipment
Hazardous Chemicals
Using Electrical Equipment
Slips, Trips and Falls
Workplace Amenities
The Use of Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment
Observing Signage Whilst in the Workplace
Other Host Specific Policies

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* 3. All incidents and hazards must be reported to SustainAbility Consulting or SustainDigital WHS Committee member or your SustainAbility Consulting/SustainDigital Consultant and our client:

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* 4. Do you have any queries in relation to the WHS policies and procedures?

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* 5. Please confirm that a WHS Representative/Manager from your contract site has Inducted you onsite with:

Tour of Premises

Introduced to WHS Representative

Introduced to first aider and emergency warden

Shown fire extinguishers, hoses, blankets etc

Shown first aid kit location

Made aware of emergency procedures and where information is displayed

Shown amenities – bathroom / kitchen

Shown emergency evacuation assembly point

Workplace signage explained and understood

Advised all workplace policies and procedures

Discussed safe use of computer

Made aware of all safe work procedures

Work station set up ergonomically

Informed of all known hazards and subsequent control measures

Fully trained on the safe operation of all machinery in the area if applicable

Informed of security regulations and restricted areas

Shown machine guarding and emergency stop buttons if applicable?

Shown use of personal protective equipment if applicable?