My name is Philippa Channer and I am the author and owner of A Mom's Fresh Start. Last year I was inspired through my personal experience with my pregnancy to write an eBook for first time mothers. There were many things about this journey into motherhood that I thought of by highly underestimated the level and degree that they would effect me. My goal with this eBook is to share what I learned in hopes that it could benefit and encourage at least one other person.

Before I can complete my eBook however I could use some help. While my experiences were very real and educational they were very limited. I can only tesify to what I went through. No one will ever again have the same exact experiences that I had. If I want to truly be helpful to others I need to hear from other mothers how they handled themselves and their situations. I have complied 10 short questions that encompass the bulk of the information I would like to share. No question is mandatory and you will have an opportunity to decide how much information you would like included in the eBook.