Playmates Preschools & Child Development Centers, Inc., in participation with the Wayne County Board of Education is seeking funding to continue and expand the after-school programs in your area.

Your answers to the following questions will greatly increase our chances of success. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey.

* 1. Does your child attend an after-school program?

* 3. In your opinion, rate the following from very import, important or not important to you the parent.

  Very Important Important Not Important
Tutoring/Homework help
Lego/Robotics Lab
Math Activities
Science activities
Computer/Technology Lab
Social Interaction Skills
Nutrition/Cooking Skills
Family Engagement Activities
Art Activities
Service Learning Projects

* 4. How does your child get TO their after-school program?

* 5. How does your child get FROM their after-school program?

* 6. In what areas do you believe your child's after-school program helps them?

  Yes No Does not apply to my child
Helps complete homework assignments accurately and on time
Helps them improve their grades
Helps improve their school attendance
Help them improve their behavior in school
Improves their participation in extra-curricular activities at school or in the community
Provides a safe environment and a healthy dinner/snack

* 7. Do you think your child's after-school program helps them with reading or writing skills?

* 8. What topics would you like to see offered in the future for parent workshops and/or trainings? (Select all that apply)

* 9. If your child does not attend an after-school program, why do they not?