Erie Church Project: Grace Fellowship International Church

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EYA and ServErie are coordinating an effort to revitalize the churches of Erie County. Grace Fellowship International Church will be the first and we need your help painting!

Churches have been planted in our neighborhoods all over the city of Erie and we believe God planted them there for a reason and a purpose. Recently, these churches - especially in the inner-city - are struggling to maintain the buildings where they are meeting with their congregations every Sunday.  Some of the issues that need to be repaired or replaced are plaster cracks, water damage, old ripped up carpets and a lot of painting. We feel as a community and the church, we can do something if we come together regardless of our religions or beliefs and help renovate some of Erie's important landmarks. Come be a part of pouring some love back into the local church!

Event Details:
March 24, 2018
from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Gathering at:
Grace Fellowship International Church
123 W 10th Street,
Erie, PA 16501

1.) All volunteers will gather at the work site, but parking is limited. There is an adjacent parking lot to use in the case that street space isn't available.
2.) Lunch and beverages are provided by the church.
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