1. inlexso's free checklist for organisations with more than 10 employees

inlexso Proprietary Limited ("inlexso") has compiled this free checklist to assist organisations to comply with the required measures to be taken to protect their employees, customers & the general public, against possible infection of the COVID-19 ("C-19") disease. ( i.e. the Occupational Health and Safety ("OHS") requirements of the Disaster Management Regulations  and the 28 May 2020 amendments ("Regulations"), which are described in detail in the C-19 OHS Measures in workplaces Directive ("the Directive")). 

By completing the checklist, you will establish if you have implemented sufficient and appropriate controls or where specialised assistance is required (you may contact us!)
NB: This checklist does not apply to workplaces, which are:
  • excluded from the OHS Act 85 of 1993("OHSA");
  • in which medical & health care services (other than retail pharmacies) are performed;
  • i.r.o. which another Minister, than the Minister of Employment & Labour, has issued a directive under the Regulations dealing with health & safety. 
Be aware that by implementing the measures as described in this generic checklist:
  • your organisation's existing obligations as an employer i.t.o. OHSA are not reduced;
  • your organisation may still implement more stringent measures to prevent the spread of the virus; and
  • your organisation must also implement any applicable and available sector specific measures, in addition to the measures referred to in this checklist
This checklist was updated for Alert Level 3 requirements. It will be a good idea to start with your preparations, even if you are not permitted to operate from your normal workplace yet.  
Disclaimer: The copyright of this questionnaire belongs to inlexso Proprietary Limited (“inlexso”) (www.inlexso.co.za). No copies may be made without inlexso’s written permission. This questionnaire does not contain legal advice of whatever nature. It is important that you use the most recent version of this questionnaire (as the Regulations may be amended) and consult us for any updates. inlexso, its directors, employees, consultants or others that provide information for purposes of this questionnaire shall not be liable or responsible for any cost, claim, loss, liability or damages related to any use of the content of this questionnaire.

Kindly email us with any queries or suggestions relating to this checklist by using "C-19 Q1" in the subject line.
Stay safe, stay in contact (with us)!