HeadStart Hull is a pilot programme funded by the Big Lottery aimed at improving the emotional resilience of 10-14 year olds in Hull.

As part of the programme we would like parents and carers of children and young people to complete the following survey about their child's interaction with digital technology. The results from this survey will be invaluable in steering to focus of the digital work undertaken as part of the HeadStart Hull pilot.

Throughout the survey you will be asked if you would like to 'find out more' please leave your email address and indicate the topics you would like to find out more about throughout the survey and we will provide relevant further information.

The deadline for responses is Tuesday 30th June; please complete the survey separately for each child or young person in your household.

* 1. Please tick the age range of the child or young person you are completing this survey about.

* 2. Does your child have access to a smart mobile phone with apps/games and social media?

* 3. Does your child have access to a tablet, iPad or laptop/computer at home?

* 4. Do you limit the amount of time or how many times your child plays on games or apps, social media or uses the previously mentioned technology?

* 5. If you do limit the time your child spends on games, apps or the previously mentioned technology, how long do you let your child play for and why?

* 6. Can you be sure that your child is safe whilst playing games, on apps and social media or when using the previously mentioned technology? What steps have you made to ensure your child's safety? (i.e. education, content blocking etc.)

* 7. Have you received any guidance to keep your child safe online?
If so, where has this information come from?

* 8. Are you aware of the age limits on games, social networks, apps and websites?

* 9. On the below scale how concerned are you about what your child does on social media and time they spend on social media? NB: Social media includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

* 10. On the below scale how affected do you think your child is by digital issues; such as being on social media, using games and apps?

* 11. Do you know what cyber bullying is, and how you can take action against it?

* 12. Has your child experienced cyber bullying?

* 13. Would you support your child to use websites to help with their problems, such as online counselling or advice on coping?

* 14. Finally, do you think that your interaction with digital technology could affect your relationship with your child?

* 15. Would you be happy for NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group or Hull City Council to contact you in the future about children and young people's emotional wellbeing and resilience?
If so, please leave email address, and any comments, below.