1. Student Advisory Board Survey December 2010

As some of you may have already heard, SBL has changed its requirements regarding student paper submissions and student participation at SBL meetings. This change was formally introduced in the "Statement from the Council of the Society of Biblical Literature" at this year’s annual meeting in Atlanta, GA. Regarding students, the statement reads:

"There has also been considerable discussion about the criteria for the participation of students as paper presenters for the Annual Meeting. Council has also taken the following unanimous actions:

• All students without a doctoral degree are required to submit to the Program Unit Chair the full text of the paper they are proposing to read.
• The number of sessions a student without a doctoral degree can participate in will be limited to one.

Council would also like to remind members who serve as teachers, mentors and advisors that our Regional Meetings often represent an excellent opportunity for students to present papers."

(For the full statement, visit http://sbl-site.org/assets/pdfs/CouncilStatement_Nov2010.pdf)

This means that students will be limited to ONE appearance at the annual meeting in the capacity of presenter, panelist or respondent. Committee work, presiding and editorial board work are not counted towards this single appearance.

There has been considerable conversation about these new policies, and the Student Advisory Board has been collecting feedback for a response to be sent to the SBL Executive Council. As part of this response, we would like to include the results of a short survey gauging your responses to these new policies. This will allow us to present hard data alongside written feedback. You will note that Question 10 is an open text box, where you may comment on any of these questions or may insert other comments.

This survey is designed only for student members at this point, but feedback from full or associate members is also welcome and may be sent to the SAB Faculty Advisor, David Eastman (david.eastman@yale.edu). You have the option to request that your comments are passed on with or without your name attached. Requests for anonymity will be honored.

Note to International Members: SAB is aware that international student members are affected in particular ways by these and other SBL policies and procedures. After the first of the year, we will be posting a survey designed specifically to gather feedback from international students on their concerns, many of which precede these new policies. The purpose of this survey is to address issues currently affecting all student members, but SAB is aware of - and will soon be following up on - concerns particular to international members.

Thank you for your time.
Student Advisory Board

* 1. What is your current membership status?

* 2. How did you learn about the new SBL policies concerning student involvement at the Annual Meeting?

* 3. How do you feel about the new policies concerning student appearances and rules for paper proposals?

* 4. Which of these statements accurately represents your overall reaction to these changes? (You may select multiple responses.)

* 5. How will the new policies affect your level of involvement at future Annual Meetings?

* 6. If you expect to be less involved at the Annual Meeting, to what do you attribute this expectation? (You may select multiple responses.)

* 7. What is your current level of involvement at your Regional Meeting?

* 8. If you do not typically attend your Regional Meeting, why is this the case? (You may select multiple responses.)

* 9. How do you think the SBL Executive Council should proceed at this point concerning the new policies on student involvement at the Annual Meeting? (You may select multiple responses.)

* 10. Feel free to comment here on any of the questions above or on any other issues related to the new SBL policies.