At its January 2020 Council meeting, Council voiced support for the plan to implement the College governance review project.  As part of an overall governance restructuring, the College is looking to revise its bylaws to ensure they are in line with governance best practices. The proposed bylaws will allow the College and its Council to move towards best practices with the goal of strengthening the ability of the Council to provide oversight that is transparently aligned with the mandate of the College to serve and protect the public interest.

We want to hear from Occupational Therapists, stakeholders, and the public about the proposed changes ahead of its January Council meeting.  The proposed bylaw revisions will be posted for 60 days, after which both the Governance Committee and Council will review any feedback.

Summary of proposed bylaw amendments:
Changes in title and terminology – Council will be known as the Board of Directors, with individual members referred to as Directors.  The President will be known as the Chair and the Vice-President as the Vice-Chair.

Council and Committees – Expanded the eligibility and disqualification requirements for both Council and Committees members, including provisions for a temporary suspension for a Council or Committee member who becomes subject to a complaint. Committee composition has also been expanded to allow members of the public to sit on College committees.

Reduce the role of Executive and changes to Standing Committees – The Executive Committee duties have been reduced and additional responsibilities will now be delegated to a Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and Governance Committee.

Have Your Say
Your input is important. Please review the complete proposed amendments and provide your comments. The deadline for submission of the feedback is January 11, 2021. 

Black Font = existing By-Law
Text Underline Red Font = proposed addition
Strikethrough = proposed deletion
If you have any questions, experience any issues completing the survey, or have additional feedback please contact Stamatis Kefalianos, Manager, Regulatory Affairs by phone at 416.214.1177/1.800.890.6570 ext. 259 or send an email to

Thank you for your participation in this important initiative.

We want to hear from registrants, stakeholders and the public about the proposed changes. All feedback will be shared with Council at its next meeting.

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