Please answer each question truthfully.

* 1. The instructor demonstrated enthusiasm for teaching this course.

* 2. The instructor stimulated my interest.

* 3. The instructor came prepared for each class.

* 4. The instructor was on time for class.

* 5. The instructor held class for the entire period.

* 6. The instructor’s manner of speaking (pronunciation, volume, rate of speech) was clear.

* 7. The instructor's lectures, explanations, and/or feedback were clearly presented.

* 8. The instructor provided opportunities for me to ask questions.

* 9. Course assignments and activities challenged me to think.

* 10. The instructor interacted with students in a courteous manner.

* 11. The instructor was available (via office hours, e-mail, etc.) to help me with matters related to the course.

* 12. The instructor was concerned about my progress in the course.

* 13. The instructor provided appropriate opportunities for graded work throughout the semester.

* 14. Graded work addressed important course content and skills.

* 15. The instructor graded my work fairly.

* 16. My work was returned with useful feedback.

* 17. My work was returned in a timely manner.

* 18. The instructor monitored class attendance.

* 19. The instructor provided a course syllabus with clearly-stated learning objectives.

* 20. Course requirements and grading standards were clearly explained.

* 21. I am more knowledgeable in this subject as a result of this course.

* 22. I would recommend this instructor to other students.

* 23. Overall, this instructor is an effective teacher in this course.

* 24. What, if any, specific recommendations would you make to this instructor to improve his or her teaching of this course?

* 25. What do you consider to be this instructor's teaching strengths?

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