The Key Reporter Reader Survey

Phi Beta Kappa is asking for a few moments of your time this fall to make sure we hear your thoughts and suggestions about our alumni quarterly, The Key Reporter. By completing our survey you will be helping us to produce a publication that is a true reflection of the interests and values of our members. It should take no more than 3-5 minutes, and your responses are completely anonymous. Thank you for your time and support in completing this survey!

* 1. How do you generally acquire information about Phi Beta Kappa?

  All information Most information Some information No information
The Key Reporter
Organization Website
Requests for contributions/renewals
Word of mouth/other members

* 2. How often do you typically read The Key Reporter?

* 3. How long do you typically keep an issue of The Key Reporter?

* 4. When there is additional content for The Key Reporter available online only, how likely are you to go to the website and read it?

* 5. Please rate your interest in reading about the following subjects in The Key Reporter.

  Very interested Interested Somewhat interested Not interested
Stories about individual members
Advocacy programs for the arts and sciences
Phi Beta Kappa awards/fellowships
Visiting Scholar Program
Editorials from Phi Beta Kappa's leadership
Multi-generation Phi Beta Kappa families
Books by Phi Beta Kappa members
Book reviews

* 6. Please suggest any new topics that you wish The Key Reporter would cover or any other changes you would like to see:

* 7. Please rate the quality of the current version of The Key Reporter on the following:

  Excellent Good Average Poor
Ease of reading
Layout and design

* 8. What actions have you taken as a result of reading The Key Reporter? (Check all that apply.)

* 9. Please indicate your agreement with this statement: "The Key Reporter strengthens my personal connection to Phi Beta Kappa."

Please provide the following information about yourself. 

* 10. What is your age?

* 11. Highest level of education achieved?

* 12. Do you donate to Phi Beta Kappa? 

* 13. Zip code?