Annual Election Process: HSMP Co-Chair & Vice Chair

Thank you for your participation in the nomination process for the Healthy St. Mary's Partnership. When submitting your nomination please keep in mind the position descriptions below. The deadline for nominations is 5:00 p.m. on November 16, 2018. All nominated individuals will be contacted by the HSMP coordinator to confirm acceptance of their nomination.*Current Officers are eligible for nomination/re-election.

Voting will be held electronically between November 26 and December 7, 2018.
Position Descriptions:

Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership (HSMP) Co-Chair 

Job Description:
  • Provide overall leadership for HSMP
  • Exercise general powers of management usually vested in the office of Co-Chair
  • Convene and lead coalition-wide meetings of HSMP
  • Serve as the Chair for the Steering Committee
  • Maintain/expand current membership (with assistance from Coalition Coordinator)
  • Promote collaboration, conflict resolution and decision-making
Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership (HSMP) Vice-Chair
Job Description:
  • Providing overall leadership for the HSMP
  • Exercising duties of the HSMP Co-Chair in the absence of the HSMP Co-Chair
  • Perform additional duties delegated by the HSMP Co-Chair
Time Commitment for Officers:
  • Attend Action Team meetings, Steering Committee/HSMP meetings and major events
  • One-year availability
Qualifications for Officers:
  • Ascribe to HSMP mission, goals and bylaws
  • Possess strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Be familiar with or willing to learn principles of parliamentary procedure
Additional information on officers and the election process is available in the HSMP Bylaws

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