By completing this brief assessment, you are helping us evaluate how well we teach you to use library resources. There is no grade and it is anonymous. We want to thank you for your participation.

* 1. Which librarian provided instruction for your class?

* 2. Who is your instructor for this course?

* 3. Which statement listed below is characteristic of scholarly or peer-reviewed sources?

* 4. When selecting search terms it is advisable to:

* 5. Where could one find information about an event which occurred yesterday?

* 6. When choosing a research topic, it is a good idea to consider:

* 7. What is a reason to use a newspaper or popular magazine article rather than a scholarly journal article in a research paper?

* 8. Which of the following would constitute plagiarism?

* 9. IRSC Libraries offer help finding articles. How should you obtain the full text of an article if you have a citation?

* 10. When searching in a database you receive too many search results. How can you narrow your search results?

* 11. Wikipedia is typically not a good source for college research papers, but it is one of many great sources for pre-research. Pre-research should be used to do which of the following?

* 12. Why do IRSC students have to login to access the databases?

* 13. Which of the following is a sign of a source’s credibility?

* 14. When conducting scholarly research students must:

* 15. Will what you learned in this session help you to be more successful with your research assignment? Please share your thoughts.

* 16. After attending the library research session, which areas are still confusing to you?

Thank you for participating. Your input is very helpful to the College.

IRSC Libraries