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Health Science Librarians’ Engagement in Work-Related Reflection: A Qualitative Exploration of Why They Invest in Reflective Practice

Principal Investigator: Jolene M. Miller, MLS, AHIP; Director, Mulford Health Science Library; 419-383-4959

Purpose: You are invited to participate in the research project entitled “Health Science Librarians’ Engagement in Work-Related Reflection: A Qualitative Exploration of Why They Invest in Reflective Practice,” which is being conducted at the University of Toledo by Jolene Miller. The purpose of this study is to better understand how medical/health science librarians are using intentional reflection in their work. Intentional reflection (also called reflective practice) refers to thinking, having a conversation, and/or writing about a work situation with the purpose of better understanding the situation. It often includes an aspect of performance improvement.

Description of Procedures: This research has two phases: the questionnaire and interviews. The questionnaire gathers information from librarians who are using or who have used intentional reflection in their work and who are also interested in being interviewed about how they use reflection in their work. Information from this questionnaire will be used by the primary investigator to ensure that a variety of librarians will be interviewed. It is expected that 100 librarians will complete the questionnaire. Of those, 20-30 will be interviewed.

This questionnaire asks about your work and the environment in which you work, how you have used reflection at work, and general information about you. Your participation in this part of the study will take less than 10 minutes. Because the data gathered by the questionnaire will only be used to identify interview participants, it will be deleted at the conclusion of all interviews.

If you are invited to be interviewed, it is expected that the online interview (using GoToMeeting) will take about 60 minutes. You will be asked about specific situations in which you have used intentional reflection at work. The interview with be recorded and transcribed. If you engage in reflective writing, you will have the option to share examples of your reflective writing with the researcher.

Potential Risks: There are minimal risks to participation in this research as the topics covered are those that you might discuss with colleagues at work or at a conference. The primary risk is loss of confidentiality. The researcher is minimizing this risk by assigning research ID numbers to participants, allowing participants to choose pseudonyms, and storing all research materials on a password-protected network drive at the University of Toledo. You can stop participating in this study at any time.

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