For information on details for each grant, please look over the AU Sport Club Grant Handbook.

In addition to this online application, any supporting documents such as: Supporting statements/information, any quotes (if required), 2016 Financial Statements and 2017 Club Budge should be provided to AU Sport either by:

           a) Email:
           b) In person or via post to the AU Sport office:
                    Ground Floor, George Murray Building
                    Gate 10, Victoria Drive, University of Adelaide
                    SA 5005

Your application will not be considered unless all supporting documentation is received by AU Sport before the closing date. This is the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Closing date: 5pm Friday, 25 August 2017

* 1. Personnel Details

* 3. Please indicate what grant you are applying for:

* 4. Amount you are applying for:

* 5. Number of members (as at the date of applying)

* 6. Has this application/project been discussed at a committee meeting?

* 7. Is the application in line with the club's short or long term goals:

* 8. Please indicate the status of your club's Risk Management activities:

* 9. State the purpose of application:
(Please provide details of the application, highlighting: The need for the project / Expected outcomes and benefits to the club / Any additional details to support the application)

* 10. Is there funding from any third party (including the club itself)

* 11. Is a quote required?

* 12. Can you provide audited financial statement to 31 December 2016?

* 13. Can you provide a Club Budget for 2017?