Help us plan this summer's New Farmer Workshop Series. Please let us know which workshop topics are most helpful in the development of your farm!

* 1. Please provide your contact information

* 2. Please choose your TOP THREE workshop topic choices

* 3. Please choose THREE additional topics that interest you

* 4. Please list ANY OTHER workshop topics not listed above that we should offer!

* 5. Please list any area farms that would be good locations for workshops (farmers you'd like to learn from, farms you'd like to visit)

* 6. It is important that we compensate the farmers' for their time. Would you be willing to pay a $10 workshop fee that would be used for this purpose?

If there is a workshop fee, will this prevent you from attending? Your thoughts on this will help us greatly!

* 7. Help us choose a good day/time to offer workshops. Last year, you let us know that 5pm is a bit too early to start the workshops. What works for you?

* 8. Please provide any other thoughts or suggestions you have to make this summer's new farmer workshop series a success. Thanks!