How well is the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Inc. meeting the needs of the local community?
Help us continue to build a better community for pets and people by completing this suvery! The results will be tracked and analyzed to improve and create new programs and services that meet the needs of the communities which we serve. We appreciate your feedback and support in this endeavor. This survey should only take you five minutes to complete!

* 1. Please check all categories that describe you:

* 2. Please check what county you live in:

* 3. Do you live in the City of Harrisburg:

* 4. What is the MOST important service HSHA provides:

* 5. What is the LEAST important service HSHA provides:

* 6. What faction of the pet population in our community needs more services the MOST:

* 7. What service should be added to HSHA:

* 8. In your opinion what is the GREATEST cause of unwanted and homeless animals in your community: