Week 10 Voting

Below is a list of each teacher that was selected as a Week 10 Top-10 Finalist along with their nomination entry. Please review each nomination and vote for whom you believe deserves to be our Week 10 Teacher of the Week.
Jamie Lee      Cleveland High School     Clayton, NC

Coach Lee is simply the best teacher in every sense of the word. He is not only a high school teacher in the classroom, Athletic Director at a 4A High School, and Head Varsity Baseball and Swimming coach; He is a teacher in so many other capacities. After graduating from high school, he decided he wanted to be a coach which meant being a teacher. That is a passion that came naturally to him not only in school but within his community. Coach Lee has taught middle and high school physical education classes for 28 years! In addition to teaching, he has held numerous teaching and leadership positions within his church, community, and athletics departments within his school and county.  Every job he takes on is done with extreme care, compassion, and precision! During his years of teaching, he has been the mentor for the Johnston County Teacher of the Year and the NC North Central Region Teacher of the Year and currently teaches Organization of Athletics which includes teaching his students about the importance of field maintenance. This is the field featured in John Deere’s Field of Dreams program which is another reason why Coach Lee is the best!  In addition to the work he does in the classroom, he has led 13 of his own teams in football, baseball, and swimming to conference championships and one team to become the Junior Legion State Champions. In his 22 years being an athletic director, Coach Lee has had many teams within the two schools he worked at as AD to win 124 conference and tournament championships, 10 regional championships, three teams in NCHSAA finish as state runner up, one team state champion, and 15 individual state champions. He personally has coached three athletes selected to play in the NC East-West All-Star Game and coached five baseball players to play at the professional level with one currently coaching D1 softball and the other one in the MLB with the St. Louis Cardinals.  What really makes Jamie the best teacher is the things he has taught others outside of the classroom and fields with zero recognition. He just does it because he loves teaching and helping others. Although Jamie has earned many accolades in his career, the most important thing he has taught me is to stay humble and work for every single thing you earn! As a teacher and his sister, I can assure you that he is the BEST of the BEST and you have no idea what this opportunity would mean to him! After dedicating the last 28 years to teaching in and out of the classroom, coaching and mentoring many kids, he is truly the most deserving person I know of to receive this recognition and opportunity! Thank you for your consideration.   
Allison Spohn      Providence High School      Charlotte, NC

I was lucky to take a Project Lead the Way Civil Engineering and Architecture (PLTW CEA) class with Ms. Spohn during my sophomore year of high school. Even though CEA was a Zoom class during the pandemic, Ms. Spohn was always engaging, and she set up interactive lessons and assigned collaborative projects.     Ms. Spohn’s dedication to her students is encapsulated by how, before the online CEA class started, she took the time to prepare project kits for each student and sent them home to each of us. As a result of the kits, we could build wooden models of different architectural styles as part of the CEA curriculum, just like students in years’ past, even though we were taking the course from the safety of our homes. Ms. Spohn’s calling for teaching and passion for making PLTW classes enjoyable for everyone is incredibly evident.     Furthermore, Ms. Spohn doesn’t just teach CEA; she teaches several other classes, including PLTW Engineering Design & Development (EDD), Principles of Engineering (POE), and Introduction to Engineering & Design (IED). My peers who have taken her other classes have only good things to say about Ms. Spohn: she’s wonderfully engaging, fun to be around, and her classes are always interesting and practical. Ms. Spohn's courses foster collaboration and problem-solving—skills that every engineer needs.     Outside the classroom, Ms. Spohn is the teacher sponsor for Providence High School’s MakerSpace club and Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter. Through TSA, her students compete at state and national-level competitions, and she has used her expertise in the engineering field to mentor Providence students in TSA events like coding, CAD-based engineering, robotics, and more. Ms. Spohn is well-beloved by her students and a core part of the Providence Engineering Department.  
Kharma Edwards     Shamrock Gardens Elementary      Charlotte, NC

If there is anything certain in the world of education- it is that all students benefit from having Ms. Edwards in their lives!  She is a task-master, action-taker, and an utmost impressive educator!  She is driven by data, does everything she can (and more) to make sure students are successful in learning. She is honestly what keeps the world turning Shamrock Gardens, whether she is coaching teachers, leading instructional assistants, working with students in small groups, or completing the endless tasks behind the scenes. She is kind, considerate, a pleasure to work with. She thinks of every detail and puts in more effort than any employee out there. She is knowledgeable, experienced, always professional, and a true master at teaching. Thank you to Ms. Edwards for giving her all and making Shamrock Gardens such a wonderful place to teach and learn!
Barbara Babb         Lynnhaven Middle School      Virginia Beach, VA

I have worked with Ms Babb for the last 8 years. She is a dedicated teacher who comes in early and leaves late. She has coached our softball team for many years and uses it as a way to help many girls find a safe place and a sense of belonging. She was originally an English teacher but with the shortage of math teachers, we were in a pickle a few years ago and couldn’t find one. We went to Ms Babb and asked if she would switch. We did this know that she is an exceptional teacher and exceptional teachers can teach anything. They can do this because they build strong relationships with students and show that they believe in them. Then once they build their confidence, they are sure to teach in a way that meets students where they are and moves them little by little. Ms Babb does just this! She is an exceptional teacher.
Jeanne Carozza        Lynnhaven Middle School      Virginia Beach, VA

Ms. Carozza is new to our school this year coming from teaching internationally in Asia. She brought with her best practices that create a warm and welcoming environment for her students. Students that are challenging in other classes, are focused and well behaved in hers. She meets students where they are and gives them what they need. She ends each class with students sharing on of three things: 1. An aha moment 2. Something they appreciate 3. Something they want to apologize for. This creates an environment where students know it’s ok to make mistakes and learn from them. Ultimately, she has created a classroom not just where students learn, but where they want to do their best.
Jessica Harvey     Emsley A. Laney High School      Wilmington, NC

Mrs. Harvey is a phenomenal teacher for so many reasons! She is always, ALWAYS the first person to greet me when I walk past her in the hall or walk into the teacher's lounge. She is bright and bubbly and makes my bad days better by cheering me up with an encouraging word or empathetic ear. She is always going above and beyond for her students, whether it's planning fun activities, thinking outside of the box, or differentiating instruction for a variety of learners. She has no easy schedule, teaching mainly or all Freshmen, but she kicks butt as a history buff! We are so glad to have her at Laney High School!
Alianna Sigler         Elizabeth Cashwell Elementary      Fayetteville, NC

Mrs. Sigler is a teacher in an Exceptional Children's Severe Emotional Disability classroom. Despite the challenges that she faces every day, she is determined.  She shows up each day and provides a blank slate for her students to succeed. She is an advocate like no other.  She provides the level of social-emotional support that her students can get from only her. She has long days, but she is determined to provide her students with every opportunity to win.  From the classroom space that she has created, to the treats she provides, to the 1:1 and family support, to her instruction, she is amazing.  
Nicole Ulmer        Holly Shelter Middle School      Castle Hayne, NC

Mrs. Ulmer has always gone the extra mile to make sure that she is connecting with all her students in a meaningful way. She knows the importance of having relationships with the students in order for them to feel safe at school. Once they feel safe learning comes easy for them. They trust her and the environment she created, so they have the confidence to ask questions. Math is a difficult topic for many students but Mrs. Ulmer is an amazing teacher that has opened up the world for students to learn. 
Jermaine Lauzon       Landstown Elementary School       Virginia Beach, VA

Mr. Lauzon is the heart of this school. He is not only an enthusiastic PE teacher, but he is also the reason some students come to school. He hypes everyone up first thing in the morning with his music, singing and dancing at parent dropoff, and his upbeat personality. He is loved and appreciated by parents, students, and staff. He is nominated every year for Teacher of the Year but refuses to accept it because he thinks others deserve it more. He is humble to a fault and deserves to be honored. 
Cheryln Tegtmeyer        Compass Collegiate Academy       Charleston, SC

Year after year, my son was given up on with due to his ADHD superpower. Since he has become a scholar at CCA he has soared due to Ms. Teg. She takes her time with him and understand that he isn’t going to get to his answers in a straight line and that he take a different route but will ultimately get it! She also gives me tips at home on how to help him. She goes above and beyond and deserve to be teacher of the century.

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