Grant Guidelines

Na’ah Illahee Fund (NIF) is an intertribal nonprofit serving the Pacific Northwest tasked with administering the PNW
Tribal Census 2020 Project and disbursing tribal specific funding for Census 2020 education and outreach efforts.

The purpose of the Pacific Northwest Tribal Census 2020 Project is to:
 Provide outreach and education to tribal members, as well as rural and urban Native Americans about the
importance of the 2020 census;
 Mobilize Tribal Census Community Liaisons within communities to build confidence and support broad
participation in the census;
 Ensure maximum self-response to the 2020 Census; and
 Ensure cooperation in the Non-Response Follow-Up (NRFU) effort.

The goal of the Project is to first ensure a complete count of Native Americans in the 2020 U.S Census, but also to lay the
foundation for a region-wide community action network in Pacific Northwest Indian Country. As changing political
climates become more critical for the health of our future generations, it is of the utmost importance that Tribal people
be counted, make our voices heard, have our issues addressed, and that we can garner the resources we need to make
it happen.

The project will utilize a community engagement model where each participating Tribe, nonprofit organization or
community group will recruit Tribal Community Census Liaisons (TCCL) with the responsibility to provide Census
education to approximately 50 community households per TCCL. Each group will develop an outreach plan designed by
and for their community.

Grant contracts will be allocated at $3,200 for each Tribal Census Community Liaison - $1,600 for TCCL direct stipends
(approximately 80 hours of training and outreach activities @ $20.00/hour) and $1,600 for project expenses such as
overhead, travel, technology and meeting costs for each participating group. Each grant will also include funding for at
least one community education and outreach event. (For example, a proposal designed to provide education and
outreach activities to approximately 150 households would propose their project to include 3 TCCL’s and a community
event: $9,600 + $1,500 estimated costs for our event = $ 11,100 proposed grant amount).

Each Tribe, grantee organization/contractor will receive:
1) Grant funds
2) Technical Assistance to help develop individual Community Outreach Plans
3) Regional trainings for TCCL’s to develop their messaging and strategies
4) Follow-up Technical Assistance to help with specific issues that may arise with outreach plans
5) Promotional materials

Grants will be allocated to each Tribe and participating Tribal Nonprofit based on three factors:
 Number of Tribal members and/or Native American households to be served by the project,
 Geographic location (county), and the estimated undercount in 2010, and
 Availability of grant funding.

Individual grant amounts will be negotiated using the best available data and the Tribe or organization’s proposal on
how many Tribal Census Community Liaisons (TCCL) they can manage – (approximated 50 households per Community

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* 5. Tribal enrollment and/or projected numbers of Native American households to be served:

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* 7. A budget to include Tribal Community Census Liasion stipend, matching funds, and at least one community event:

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