2012 HSA Evaluation Survey

Thank you for participating in the Hawaii Sociological Association's annual meeting on February 18, 2012. The executive committee would appreciate your feedback on your experiences at the conference. We will use this information to help plan the 2013 annual meeting. Again, thank you for your participation in the conference and for taking the time to complete this short survey.

* 1. What is your level of HSA membership?

* 2. Did you travel to Hawaii to attend the HSA conference?

* 3. If you traveled to Hawaii to attend to HSA conference, at what hotel did you stay?

* 4. How likely would you be to recommend the hotel that you stayed at?

* 5. Did you present a paper at the conference?

* 6. Please rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of the conference:

  Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neutral Not Very Satisfied Not At All Satisfied
Online Submission of Abstract/Registration Process
Online Prepayment (paypal) Process
Location of the Conference (Kapiolani Community College)
Availability of Parking at Kapiolani Community College
The Main Registration/Gathering Area
The Break Out Rooms
The Length of Sessions/Amount of Time Allotted for Each Paper
The Quality of the Sessions
The Quality of Individual Papers Presented
The Keynote Speaker

* 7. Would you support the HSA pursuing the following for future conferences:

  Strongly Support Somewhat Support Neutral Not Support Much Not Support at All
Undergraduate Poster Sessions
Undergraduate Roundtables
Graduate Student Poster Sessions
Graduate Student Roundtables
Undergraduate Student Paper Award(s)
Graduate Student Paper Awards(s)
Faculty/Professional Member Award(s)

* 8. Would you be willing to help organize future meeting of the HSA (serve on subcommittees, organize a session at HSA, moderate a session, etc.)?

* 9. If yes, please provide your name and contact information below.

* 10. What did you like about the conference?

* 11. What do you think could be improved for future conferences?

* 12. Any further comments about this year's conference or suggestions for next year's conference.