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Thank you for taking part in the Be The Ripple Effect competition, we hope your pupils or children enjoyed creating their entries and we can't wait to see what they've produced for their water saving advert. There are also some questions about your experience of the competition and our competition assembly (if you joined us for this). This information is vital for us to continue delivering water-saving education and to help us improve the competition running next year.

Please fill out your details below before uploading the competition entry at the end of the form as a PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG or JPEG file. Important: If you are entering multiple entries, please ensure these are all on one PDF or Word document and you can just name these 'Pupil 1, Pupil 2, etc.' Please do not enter any information about your pupils or children for data privacy reasons. By submitting the entry you are confirming you have consent to enter the competition either on behalf of a parent or guardian or on behalf of your child if you are a parent submitting it.

We will be in touch with the winner by July 2024 so please ensure you put your correct email address so we can contact you to notify the winning entrant.

The Ripple Effect Team

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* 1. Please enter your full name (teacher, parent, guardian or carer only).

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