We plan on creating a new MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) website that targets high school students. The courses provided would be tailored for different careers and pathways (example: mechanical engineering, chemist, physician, etc.). We wish to raise awareness of different vocations, as many students (especially) in lower-income areas currently don't have the opportunities to pursue this type of knowledge.

* 1. What career do you want to have when you're older?

* 2. Have you heard of MOOCs before?

* 3. Would you be interested in enrolling in a free courses pertaining to different possible professional careers?

* 4. Would you (or your parents) pay $50 once the course was over to receive a certificate of completion (if you wished)? This is nice to have as proof of completing the course (officially) and would also give top scoring students internships and career advice from professionals.

* 5. Any other comments or opinions:
ex. what kind of classes you'd like to see, including AMA's in the classes from industry professionals, or academics