* 1. Student led conferences were a good experience for me.

* 2. Cowboy Roundup was helpful for me to keep current on my grades and classes.

* 3. I believe Cowboy Read enhanced my reading comprehension.

* 4. I enjoyed Cowboy Read and would like to see it continue next year.

* 5. I understand NWEA test results.

* 6. NWEA test results were explained to me.

* 7. I understand why it is necessary to take the NWEA tests.

* 8. I utilize the after school program.

* 9. I am aware there is a reading interventionist available.

* 10. Study Hall is a valid period of the day for me to study and finish assignments.

* 11. I know the Killdeer Public School belief statement.

* 12. The Killdeer Public School Mission Statement is: